Over a decade ago the University of Missouri, Kansas City Department of Theatre gave me the opportunity to teach as a lecturer and has subsequently elevated me to Guest Professor and Assistant Professor based on my commitment to higher education and upon my professional credentials and my extensive professional experiences with theatrical luminaries such as Gerald Freedman, George Abbott, Ying Ruo Cheng, Vincent Dowling, Richardo Khan, Tanya Moiseiwitsch, Patricia MacIlrath, George Keithley and Joseph Papp.

In 2003 my development of The History of Design and Technology courses (with Western traditions, as well as those of India, Korea, China, Japan, Bali and Thailand, four Native American and the four African cultures that have made the most original innovations and significant contributions to the world theatrical design and technology tradition.

It is my belief that one's development as a professional designer for the theater is profoundly interfaced with their intellectual, spiritual and personal growth. For successful instruction of students - it is vital that the artist/professor be enthusiastic about the subject(s) that they convey, knowledgeable about the content and interconnection of cultures in an ever-shrinking world and, finally, they must be committed to the ethos of higher, humanist-based education. Innovative inter-disciplinarian and imaginative collaborator are the worthiest of adjectives for the professor of design or for the professional designer, which in my world are synonymous.

My students are employed as Assistant, Associate and full Professors at numerous institutions of higher education, including The University of Pennsylvania, Arkansas State University, University of South Dakota, Binghamton University, and The New School of Drama in New York City.

My professional associations include United Scenic Artists, the International Alliance of Stage Employees, the United States Institute of Theatre Technology and the Association of University Professors.

Inside this website you will find a selection of designs that represent my professional design career over the past 25 years. Also, my resume, curriculum vitae and a list of awards and recognition that I have received are available to view and download.